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Trading Notifications

Be the first to know when a recent ICO is trading on an exchange.

Price and Volume Alerts

Get real-time alerts for spikes in price and volume of any coin.

Upcoming and new ICOs

The latest news and updates on new ICOs and token sale opportunities.

Staying ahead of the market

Hi ICO Watchdog! How can you help me ?

Hi John,

We are to help you profit by staying ahead of the market. Our platform was developed to instantly notify you when any coin is getting significant market action on any exchange so you can make the best and fastest decision.

Happy trading!

-The ICO Watchdog Team

Note: Installing the Slack Bot will create public channels for each alert type by default. You can use these channels to receive user-configured alerts all team members can view.

Advanced Features

Breakout Alerts

Find out which coins and ICOs are getting the most action without manually researching each one.

Early-bird ICOs

Gain access to exclusive early bid ICO opportunities and presales only for ICO Watchdog users.

Advanced Targeting

Get access to our automated targeting features for ICOs and active cryptocurrencies – and gain insight by applying performance and volatility metrics.