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Daily ICO Reports

The latest funding data for active ICOs and token sales.

Trading Notifications

Be the first to know when a recent ICO is trading on an exchange.

Price and Volume Alerts

Get real-time alerts for spikes in price and volume of any coin.

Report an ICO Exit Scam

Hi ICO Watchdog! I want to report an ICO scam.

Hi John,

ICO Watchdog rewards you for reporting ICO Exit Scams around the world. You could win a bounty of up to 100,000 DOG for providing new and definitive information about any active ICO scams.

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-The ICO Watchdog Team

Note: Installing the Slack Bot will create public channels for each alert type by default. You can use these channels to receive user-configured alerts all team members can view.


Premium service provided by ICO Watchdog that offers enhanced data to help traders make smarter decisions.

Price Forecasts

365 day price predictions for any coin that has been trading for over 30 days.

AI/ML-enabled Pattern Detection

Advanced pattern detection for identifying trends, sentiment and trading patterns.

Coin Insights

Determine breakouts by analyzing the most watched PreICOs, ICOs, and actively trading coins by cryptocurrency investors.